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Company Profile/Business of the Company

SPG GOLD ORNAMENTS PVT LTD are manufacturers of 916 BIS HALLMARK GOLD ORNAMENTS. At SPG GOLD ORNAMENTS PVT LTD, we believe that quality is best defined by our customers. We develop and produce customized jewellry to bring traditional designs into contemporary settings. We are using Direct Selling Model to Sell our Gold Ornaments in order to provide excellent customer before and after-sales service. Our main agenda is to provide value-added products and services to our customers. We provide our clients with the best quality jewelry at the best range & we support our clients by providing them with a dedicated service infrastructure, full commitment, the quest for excellence, continuous improvement, and endeavor to be the best.

In our Company, each Customer joins us as Independent Representative & they have an option either to be a Working Partner or Silent Partner. If the customer chooses to be Working Partner then they can make fast Earning from the company by Sharing the Company Concept with their family, friends, and relatives. If, however, they choose to be Silent Partner then they will get Earning through Company’s unique Profit Sharing Model.

The company was founded on 18th June 2020 in Vadodara, Gujarat by Mr Tejas Patel. In the 1st 2 years of Business, we managed to establish a Customer Database of 2500 people & through our unique Profit Sharing Concept, we distributed a total of 20 lakh plus Rupees amongst our Customers in a Systematic manner. We have set up Software which takes care of all the Distribution

To our staff, customers, and shareholders – our values are considered and upheld in all we do. If anything we do does not produce value – we quite simply shouldn’t be doing it. A focus on value forces all of our resources to engage in activities important to our customers. Value can be demonstrated by becoming a customer-centered organization.

Mission & Vision

Our Purpose:

Every household in India should be able to buy and wear Gold Ornaments


Our Vision:

Once upon a time, India was called “Sone kii Chidiyaa”

Our Vision is to bring back those Glory Days by serving our Customers with excellent jewelry offering and services that embeds

Trust  Purity  Quality

While preserving the Heritage of royal Indian Tradition.

To create values in memorable moments of People’s lives by offering beautiful designer jewelry that connects emotionally.

Driving growth with immense business values by unleashing the opportunities and people potential. 

Our Values:


We build trust by enrolling people in our vision & sharing with them our Unique “Profit Sharing Concept”.

We build trust by delivering on our promises, demonstrating “Servant Leadership”.



Our Purity is defined by Hallmarking of our Gold Ornaments through Government approved Independent laboratories via unique HUID (HALLMARK UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION) method. Each Ornament manufactured by us carries HUID number as per Government recommendation and guidelines



We build Quality through our processes both in terms of our Gold Jewellery Manufacturing as well as our Services.

Through our Unique Profit Sharing Concept, we are committed to improving “Quality of Life” for all the people associated with us


SPG GOLD ORNAMENTS PVT LTD are manufacturers of 916 BIS HALLMARK GOLD ORNAMENTS. Hence, Customers get genuine Gold with GST Bill against their purchase

SPG GOLD ORNAMENTS PVT LTD has come up with Unique Profit Sharing Concept. We, as Manufacturers of Gold Ornaments, are able to Distribute 70% of our profits to our customers which have never happened before in the Gold jewelry Industry. As a result, with time, Customer gets their money back and hence eventually their purchase becomes absolutely free. We have set up Software that takes care of the Profit Distribution in a Systematic manner.

Moreover, we provide our customers with an opportunity to join our company as Working Partner and generate revenue for themselves by Sharing our unique concept amongst their friends, family, and relatives.

Once a customer gets on board with SPG GOLD ORNAMENTS PVT LTD by minimum purchase of 1 Gram Gold Ornaments, they are bound to be benefitted immensely through our Amazing System where they get money back for their purchase which enables them to purchase more Gold from our company and get good earning as well

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